You Have an Anchor in Yourself

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Google is the place to find whatever you’re searching for, but at times Google also gets you confused by offering a platter filled with the best choices. So, use Google’s tricks and tactics to pick the best for your purpose.

Let’s pick the best corporate anchor from Google with:

Google Ratings: A badge on your chest and the number of stars on Google, makes an anchor the most viewed! Google ratings are important for any corporate anchor since it determines the genuineness of the service. And indeed, Google ratings cannot be manipulated, a corporate anchor with 5 stars is definitely the show rocker.

Google Reviews: To achieve this benchmark, a corporate anchor journeys through years of experience working across different industries and event companies.  Make a list of the top 3 anchors on Google, Anchor Abner Dias – Rated 5 Stars on Google one of the best corporate anchors, Anchor Girish Sharma – Rated 4 Stars on Google one of the best entertainers, Anchor Jay Karmani – Rated 5 Stars best team building anchor, these anchors are versatile and energetic. They offer best services due to their experience in the industry. Google reviews are also a good way to evaluate the choices. Read and analyse the comments, you will exactly find the best fit for your show this way. Google reviews will help you categorize the best for corporate events, weddings, team building, conferences so on and so forth.

Google Image Bank: Google also provides an impressive collection of photos once you start searching with the anchors name. E.g.: If you type Anchor Abner Dias, you will be able to view all his event pictures, show moments on the image links, it will also redirect you to other PR sites for an extra scrutiny.

Website: An anchors authenticity is also determined by the presence of his own website. Where you can probably download his brochure, view his showreel, check the clients or corporates he/she has worked with, read testimonials and also witness the current activities undertaken by the corporate anchor.

YouTube: Let’s come to the next point, where this platform gives the event company a view of the anchor in motion. A YouTube video of an anchor gives you an opinion of the anchor’s performance on camera. It will also give you a rough idea of the corporate anchor’s personality and traits. A video format is more actual than assumptions of a person’s character. You can find a perfect fit for what you are looking for in case of hard choices.

PR Media: An anchor who gets famous is always covered on PR sites updating you of the awards received, conferences or forums he/she is a part of, and his other CSR activities. Which gives you a brief understanding of the reputation the anchor holds. This benefits the corporate anchors, as some companies pick and choose anchors on their brand value in media. So, if you’re looking for a common face then do check PR articles before choosing your best corporate anchor.

That’s all from Google, a strong google presence is a must for any artist. Google acknowledges genuine creators and places them at the top of its search list.  Do evaluate these above pointers for your best corporate anchor evaluation.

Abner Dias