“There must be a two-way flow of energy between the speaker and the audience,” the quote says it all, anchoring is not about public speaking but about the interaction between the audience and the speaker. As an anchor, you need to pay attention to the minute detail. It is a talent-based profession, your audience needs to stay engaged with your presentation skills and the kind of interaction that takes place within the room.

This can only be done by entertaining the audience and keeping the audience interested in the event. Anchors pull the audience towards them as magnets the audience starts swirling in the direction of the anchor. That is why having a professional anchor for your event is a must. An Anchor represents the values of the company, so be sure to choose the best corporate anchor for your show. You have to determine how you want the audience to feel once they leave the event.

The Top anchors in India are on the top because they avoid making these mistakes:

  • Lack of research:

Audiences love anchors who influence them and this is only possible when the host has done thorough research. Anchors come across different kinds of shows daily. Anchors must be fully aware of the event, the product being promoted, the company hosting it, etc. All these small things make a huge difference in the overall impact of the anchor on the audience. Imagine an anchor hosting an event without exactly knowing which product to promote, the show would turn out to be a total disaster it would also create confusion and chaos for the audience.

  • Avoid making offensive jokes:

Anchors cater to a huge number of people at once. The anchor must consider and respect the audience’ and avoid making any kind of offensive joke that would rather hurt the sentiments and feelings of the audience. This would also mean calling someone’s insecurities publicly.

  • Present yourself well:

Imagine a person who appears as an anchor in tousled hair, casual or creased clothes, and very unhygienic overall would you pay attention to the event or the information provided by him though it might be correct, somewhere we all judge a person by their appearance in the first glance. This is the reason why anchors must always be well presented since anchoring is a job where constant public validation is needed. If you show up in casual clothes the audience will probably perceive you as any other individual and will not be hooked to your show.

  • Avoid exaggerating a particular topic:

Imagine you are at an event and the host keeps talking about the same thing over and over again wouldn’t it seem like a labyrinth that is never ending and just keeps on extending? Controlling the speaking rate is the best advice an anchor could get. Over-exaggeration will make the show monotonous and slowly the audience will start losing interest. The prime job of an anchor to host the event successfully is to keep the public hooked to the event and talking about the same thing over and over again will make the audience lose interest and soon they will start getting distracted and eventually your anchoring skills will be questioned.

These were a few of the points an anchor must pay attention to, the best anchors avoid making such mistakes which makes them the best in what they do. Last but not least be confident, “confidence is the key to good public speaking skills” The minute you lose your control and confidence the public starts getting distracted and you lose the hold of the audience.

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