Celebrity Event Anchor Abner Dias gets comfy with your stars! Don’t you wish to celebrate your event with a celebrity? Of course, Yes! Having a celebrity on your show adds to the glamour and entertainment for the event. The spark and dazzle uplift the event for the crowd and what are better than a deadly combo of an equally enchanting celebrity event anchor Abner Dias to set the stage on fire.

Event Anchors in Mumbai

Hosted over 500+ shows with Celebrities Anchor Abner Dias has now become a compatible partner with famous names. Hosted events as a Celebrity event anchor for Vidya Balan, the diva Diya Mirza, our most loved bachelor Salman Khan, Sports stars like Mohammad Azharuddin, Sanath Jayasuriya, Ajit Agarkar, Vinod Kambli, Dhanraj Pillay, Bhaichung Buthai and many more to name, the dance gurus Terence Lewis and Remo D’Souza, famous astrologer Greenstone Lobo and comedy sensation Mr. Angad Singh Ranyal. No no, we are not just saying this, you can have a look at their pictures yourself right over here. Now that’s something crazy and trending. A celebrity event host acts as a co-star to the main star; the celebrity event host should possess the ability to create an environment that makes the public figure comfortable and delightful. A perfect example of a celebrity event anchor is Kapil Sharma. He tunes in humor and starts creating a dialogue with the superstars. And we all simply love him. In a similar fashion Anchor Abner Dias conducts the celebrity event activities by engaging the stars in his talks and ice breakers. Thus, creating a few cheerful memories for the Star, the organizers and the crowd. A lively lightful event for your perfect evening and events!

Celebrity Event Anchor

Anchor Abner Dias conducts this very beautiful activity of making hearts up in the air. Where the entire crowd participates and cheers for this lovely moment. With both your hands, get them together and form a heart – a symbol of passionate love. This is what Anchor Abner Dias focuses on spreading smiles and love through his work. It is captured as a moment of rolling out happiness and smiles all over the place with your hearts high up in the air. This spectacular moment is captured in a frame and forms an unforgettable picturesque for everyone. A stunning professional approach with a stylish charisma is what Anchor Abner Dias gets along with him.

Anchor Abner Dias is compatible with hosting a huge celebrity function, a corporate event, a big fat wedding or even sports events. Anchor Abner Dias is also a well-known TV anchor and a professional stage presenter. Working across with HNI clients and celebrities, they call him the ‘Dhamakedar Powerhouse’ a rocking figure to get you to tap your feet. Spreading love and smiles is something Anchor Abner Dias believes in. Choose your best celebrity event anchor in Mumbai. With Anchor Abner Dias flow of events gets streamlined with activities, entertainment and shouts of joy.

Get your event complete with your Celebrity event Anchor Abner Dias.