When someone asks who is the best anchor in Mumbai, Anchor Abner Dias says, “You, Yourself”. Who is an Anchor? What does an Anchor do? The answer is, it is the anchor who is the soul of the show. As an Emcee I can add the X effect to the show. The role of a corporate host from the perspective of the audience is not vitally seen, but just imagine the show without the host. It is like a soul without a smile. It exists just for existence. It doesn’t matter whether he is the best anchor in India or not. The point is he is able to hold the crowd. An anchor acts as a director on stage, mending the show as a film and the output is what we all experience.

Anchor in Mumbai

Abner Dias says there is a born anchor in each one of us. Our traits of planning, discipline, directing, fun and entertainment is what an anchor gets together on a stage. The job of an anchor is not that easy and flowless as witnessed by many people. But an Emcee has to time each second in advance. With large corporates and companies, you need to have your script ready and maintain the show flow. Anchor Abner Dias says. “When on stage you need to be so clever, to respond to unplanned situations in a scrumptious way that the audience cannot notice the change, it is like being a magician with your words.” In my experience of 13 years, I have been faced with many challenges, there is always a need to have a backup plan in addition to entertaining and adding spice to the show. A host stays in sync with every minute detail in an event from the lights to the soundcheck, to the technical glances, to the artists and of course the organizers the clients themselves. An experienced corporate host is therefore very important. An exuberant delivery along with a strong fundamental is what is expected from the best corporate anchor like Abner Dias.

While dealing with executives, Abner Dias holds on to the dignity and gets in the additional flavor to ignite the event which makes him the best corporate anchor in India. The voice modulations, the ice breakers and the manner of delivery distinguish Anchor Abner Dias from the other corporate anchors in India. More than work, it is what gives me joy. Abner Dias is a perfect example of passion for work. With over 1000 shows and working across with the Giants Anchor Abner Dias exactly identifies the need of the corporate, once an anchor is able to understand the want from the event, it becomes easier to deliver a fabulous show and set the audience amazed with your performance. If you wish to hold a thunderbolt event, definitely give a call to this best corporate anchor in Mumbai.

And as rightly said, You, yourself are the anchor of your ship – Don’t let it sink. Choose the best!