Have you ever felt honored to be called a family member of an esteemed dignitary? Yes, this was my achievement. To be a part of the family, of this renowned and esteemed organization Aastrid Lifesciences, where I got this opportunity to host a political corporate event and honor our respectful idol Shri Sharad Pawar on stage. A company built by a husband-and-wife duo roaring to success due to their hard work.

At Mahad, when I was called for this auspicious occasion of the pharma factory inauguration, I felt privileged to host this huge corporate activity. With the tremendous experience I possess of all the corporate events done in the past, this one was special. And the person who made this special was the Chief Guest Shri Sharad Pawar, who graced the event with his presence. I felt pride in myself to share the stage with this lion-hearted personality. His aura and leadership quality ignited the fire amidst all the attendees, thus inculcating a challenge for me to host this phenomenal occasion. Difficult as it was to prove myself in front of this deity along with the Directors of Aastrid Lifesciences, Mr. Ravi Jagtap and Mrs. Anu Jagtap and also other political leaders like Mr. Sunil Tatkare and his daughter Ms. Aditi Tai Tatkare, I took this as an opportunity to showcase my talent as a successful Anchor and a true Indian.

As I began the event, I took over the stage with my sparkling spirit setting the stage to an extraordinary level. The guests and the directors were amazed at my performance. That’s what Anchor Abner Dias is! Conquer the stage with my talent is what I keep in my mind. My love for the stage, the mic and making people and their occasion the best is what I strive to deliver. With the roaring applauds and compliments, I completed the best performance for the show. The delightful moment in life is when your client calls you ‘Family’ and you feel blessed that you have so many people who care. My best moment from this corporate anchoring was when Shri Sharad Pawar personally greeted me and appreciated my performance. I may never forget that greeting.

Corporate events bring to you a lot of joy, my love for the stage and meeting new people is what helps me perform better every time. The entire team of Aastrid Lifesciences was so warm in welcoming and appreciating my talent. They say, “We need no one but Anchor Abner Dias for a lifetime.” Getting a Thank you note from such dignified personalities and being appreciated for your talent is what keeps me growing. Interaction with the Iron man Shri Sharad Pawar taught me that nothing is impossible in life, if you have the will, run and achieve it. Anchoring for this corporate event got me a family and an event I may cherish all my life. Look at the pictures to feel the joy I experienced while hosting.