There are a number of ways to host a corporate event anchor. In this article, I would be highlighting few useful tips, which would add the spark to your corporate anchoring. A corporate event is a mix of professionalism and humor, the corporate anchor needs to blend these two threads in order to deliver a successful corporate event. Let’s consider 6 important parts of the event and share some of my secret corporate anchoring tips.

  1. Introduction

Though the event is divided into many parts. The beginning of the show is the most important one especially for the anchor. Most of the time, it is just the voice that can be heard from the stage amongst the silence of the audience. My advice to my fellow colleagues would be to use this opportunity to begin the show in a rocking manner. While preparing the script, almost 60% of your attention should be on making the introduction perfect, as this is the only part where the audience is attentive during the show.

  1. Voice Modulation

A corporate anchor is paid for his Voice. Modulate your voice to switch between the tempo of the event. An event anchor is appreciated when he shows variety to his audience. This is the perfect opportunity to present your skills and change the mood into a humorous tone.

  1. Salutations

In a corporate event, we deal with dignified signatories, few national and few international personalities. Addressing these dignitaries with respect every time you call them during the show embarks true qualities of a good corporate anchor.

  1. Ice Breakers

Blend your script in such a manner that the management, organizers and the audience all participate through your actions. Involve ice breakers like interactive sessions, audience involvements, games, action songs, funny one liner, spot prizes, riddles and rhymes. Sequence the ice breakers to fit rightly in the event flow. And if you are blessed with some extra talent, you can even go ahead and sing or dance to entertain the crowd.

  1. Damage Control

Quite ignored but a must ability for any corporate event anchor. While on stage an anchor has to be prepared to control any situation that would bump unto him. Be it a sudden stage collapse or an absent speaker or a change in the event format. A corporate anchor has to use his anchoring skills to keep the audience unaware of the program glitches.

  1. Versatile

Most of the events in our country demands versatility from the corporate anchor. A corporate anchor should play around with different languages, gestures to have a flawless interaction with the audience. For international audience it is necessary to bring in the warmth in every delivery which can evolve even understanding of different cultures and customs.