“There are three things to aim at in public speaking: first, to get into your subject, then to get your subject into yourself, and lastly, to get your subject into the heart of your audience.”

–     Alexander Gregg

Anchor Abner Dias has 13 years of experience in anchoring and hosting events nationally and internationally. He is undoubtedly a speaker who communicates to his audience with skills unmatchable and warmth inexplicable. Having established himself as a dynamic anchor and a zealous host, Anchor Abner Dias has aced himself in the list of best anchors in Mumbai. He’s always had a flair for words and knows exactly which chord to strike with his diverse audience.

Be it corporate events or wedding functions, engaging in celebrity communication, or hosting virtual events, he has proven his mettle in all spheres of public speaking.

What makes Abner Dias the best anchor in Mumbai?

Well, he is a people person. He believes that every individual is unique and has a story to offer. Respecting that uniqueness and wanting to learn from every person that he comes across makes him approachable, dynamic, and adaptable.

Presence of mind and knowing his audience is his hallmark. When he hosts an event, he makes the audience the center of attention although he is the one under the spotlight. Perhaps, this is the greatest feature of an anchor.

Are you looking to make your virtual events meaningful and promising?

As an organization, you have your objectives well-defined for an event. Sometimes, it is a celebration or a reward and recognition ceremony or team building, or a corporate meeting. To maximize the outcome of such events, you require someone to put it in perspective for the audience and make it believable, relatable, and buyable for them. That’s what an expert anchor such as Abner Dias does for your events.

With the shift in the paradigm of communication post-Covid-19 pandemic, the trend in events and anchoring has altered. Adapting to the changes hasn’t been easy, both for the event holders and for anchors. However, Anchor Abner Dias took all odds in his stride and successfully delivered virtual events for Beam, Suntory, Times Economic, and other business magnates, using platforms like Zoom, Skype, MS Teams and others.

Though virtual events have their limitations in terms of technicalities and the number of participants joining online, anchor Abner Dias conducts events with such finesse that those limitations are just left by the way-side and eventually fade out. He follows the principle of ‘knowing your clients.’ When an event aims at recognizing and rewarding hard work and talent, he does it with utmost grace, appreciation, acknowledgment, and motivation. And when it’s time for some team-building activities, it’s energetic, fun, entertaining, and engaging.

The virtual world can be a tricky one and it is far easier to be distracted. An event’s success rate depends on the engagement level of the audience. It is not about passing on information but ensuring the information emotionally and intellectually connects to the audience. Anchor Abner Dias knows what’s best for virtual events, and this makes him the best anchor in Mumbai.

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