Anchors are termed to be entertainers but anchors play different roles every time they get on the stage. Its like different characters for different films. The role is specified from the nature of the event a cocktail party requires entertainment whereas a rewards and recognition need a professional approach. Based on the demand of the event the anchor curates his/her script to a language and tone that gets the event justice.

Let’s consider few elements that can help us curate best anchoring script.

  1. Tone of the event:

An Event Anchor understands the brief from the client to prepare the entire script. The base structure forms the tonality of the event. If the client wants the event to be professional. We curate the script with motivational quotes, few case studies, examples of successful entrepreneurs and stories etc. So the Anchor acts to be formal not only in his language but also in his attire. If the brief given is to make the event fun then we add in jokes, riddles, spot prizes, audience engagement activities etc.

  1. Introduction:

All eyes fall on the stage anchor for the introduction. Since the introduction marks the beginning of the show. The event anchor stands alone on the stage commanding the crowd. This is the anchors chance to hold the entire event with his script. So add to your introduction that special element which is catchy for the audience to comment ‘You’re the best Anchor’.

  1. Keeping up with Trends

To be updated means to be smart. You can make your script interesting by mixing or relating it with something trendy. This not only creates an impact on the audience but also the organisers. For example you can simply have a spot prize and make the audience dance on a trending reel song. It definitely creates a wave of fun in the event.

  1. Sharing the company information in the script

Most important try to add maximum information of the company for whom you are hosting the event. An event is a platform where the entire company gathers together the only chance to get more connected and know the company well. A professional corporate anchor will also speak about the company at every interval during the show. This makes him the best corporate anchor.

  1. Knowing the Management

The management of any company are the founding pillars, they need to get acknowledged on the event day. An anchor should be well versed with all the management team members especially their names, designation, department and their personality. Adding these details help you connect with the organization. Providing a very vibrate impact on the entire company.